About Your Hospital Stay

At Valley Presbyterian Hospital, our physicians, nurses, administration, staff and volunteers serve as patient advocates. As part of our ongoing commitment to high quality care and excellent service, we developed a Patient Advocate Program to provide an additional level of service to you and to ensure your well-being and satisfaction.

Our Patient Advocates perform daily rounds to address any of your concerns, collect your feedback and share this key information with internal stakeholders. They also are available to address any complaints you may have and work to ensure your concerns are addressed or resolved. Patient Advocates are scheduled seven days a week to provide continuous support and service.

To speak to a Patient Advocate, please call 818.902.5758.

Meet Our Patient Advocates

  • Rudy Serrano
    "I believe the greatest and most powerful experience that any human soul can cherish is the gift of giving. As a Patient Advocate this is the key to our success. Every day we dedicate ourselves to giving back to the place we all call home. Giving doesn't always come in the form of a thoughtful card or money, sometimes it's sitting down next to our patient listening to them and letting them express how they feel. We are all given this opportunity daily and it is up to us to make the connection with our patients."
  • Veronica Uribe
    "Even though some patient experiences are more difficult than others, I value each and every patient experience. I take each experience, and use it as an opportunity to get to know and understand the patient. However, one hit close to home. I had seen a patient who was frustrated with the way his health was going. The patient had renal failure and was on dialysis. The patient and his family were having a hard time getting used to their new lives. Having gone through the same situation with my own father, I took the time to listen and understand all their frustrations and worries. Together we talked about how pulling through as a family and sticking together makes all the difference in difficult situations."
  • Janet Villegas
    "As a Patient Advocate there are rewards and challenges on an everyday basis, but the feeling of being able to assist a patient/ family member allows us to build a bond, which is priceless. We are here to ensure patients have a positive and pleasant stay from beginning to end."