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Become a Community Partner

Since Valley Presbyterian Hospital opened its doors in 1958, our core mission as an independent, non-profit community hospital is to provide excellent care that responds to the needs of our community. We do that with best-in-class physicians, staff and equipment within our four walls but also believe in our responsibility to support other community programs and organizations across the San Fernando Valley. For many years, to fulfill our mission, we have worked with these organizations to identify specific needs and vulnerabilities in our service area, and partner with them on specially designed programs that have greatly benefited individuals in the community.

These are our current priorities for community healthcare partnerships:

Access to Healthcare

Our goal is to increase healthcare and improve community health in our underserved population including preventive practices and transportation. Partnerships may include:

  • Free healthcare screenings
  • Free flu and pneumonia vaccines
  • Access to preventive care services
  • Educational materials
  • Community events
  • Health symposiums
  • Enrollment and outreach programs

Chronic Disease with an Emphasis on Diabetes

Our goal is to reduce the impact of chronic diseases on health, and increase focus on prevention, education and treatment. Partnerships may include:

  • Free screenings for chronic diseases
  • Interventions for chronic diseases
  • Public awareness for diabetes prevention and treatment
  • Education about diabetes prevention and treatment
  • Lifestyle programs including healthy eating and physical activity

Mental Health Services

Our goal is to increase access to mental health resources and services. Partnerships may include:

  • Education on mental health topics including meditation and wellness
  • Programs for underserved populations to access mental health services
  • Access to mental health services through telemedicine that reduce geographical barriers

Overweight and Obesity

Our goal is to reduce overweight and obesity through a focus on healthy eating and physical activity for youth, adults and seniors. Partnerships may include:

  • Community exercise programs
  • Programs that address overweight and obesity in the community
  • Access to healthy eating and physical activity opportunities
  • Public awareness of the benefit of healthy weight and physical activity

Housing and Homelessness

Our goal is to increase housing and homelessness resources and services. Partnerships may include:

  • Programs that focus on housing and homelessness interventions
  • Community resources for homeless patients
  • Programs that address housing and homelessness issues
  • Linkages with services for housing and homelessness
  • Transportation to local community homeless services centers

Click here to learn more the programs we supported in CY 2021 to respond to these and other needs, and the positive results achieved. Click here for a list of organizations that we partnered with in CY 2021.

Requests to Partner

Healthcare community programs that further the wellness and interests of the community we serve receive priority consideration, as well as organizations that provide specific program information, expected outcomes, and plans to evaluate and measure success. We do not consider programs for individuals, sports teams, religious and/or sectarian programs, partisan political activities, promotion of unhealthy lifestyles, or pet/animal programs unless they include pet/animal therapy.

We accept partnership applications throughout the year. Please read and review the information below before submitting a request for support.

All prospective partners must submit a two-page Letter of Inquiry (LOI) on agency letterhead. The LOI must include the following information:

  • Primary contact information (name, title, email, and phone number)
  • Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director information (name, title, email, and phone number)
  • Mission, vision, and history of organization
  • Brief outline of program and how funds requested will be used
  • How your program benefits its target population
  • How you plan to track progress and outcomes
  • Estimated number of impacted lives
  • Amount requested

We accept proposals of up to $25,000. We do not accept multi-year requests for support.