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Wound Services

Compassionate Treatment of Non-Healing Wounds

Valley Presbyterian Hospital offers specialized treatment for non-healing wounds. You have options. We are here to help restore your health and quality of life. A medical team of doctors, nurses, and others will complete evaluations of your wound and current health status to determine the best treatment and promote the healing of your chronic wounds so you can recover as quickly as possible. The wound treatment professionals will also educate you about what caused your wound and keep you informed as you heal.

Conditions Treated

The team at Valley Presbyterian Hospital treats wounds caused by arterial or venous insufficiency, burns, pressure sores, infected wounds, surgical wounds, snakebites, open abscesses, traumatic injuries, diabetic wounds, or any open wound that doesn't heal in the time frame that it should. If you have been injured and your wound still hasn’t healed after thirty or more days, you have what is considered a chronic wound and should seek medical treatment to promote healing.

Signs you need a doctor’s help for a chronic wound include:

  • Puss leaking from the wound
  • Blue or dark discoloration around the wound
  • Redness and/or swelling around the wound
  • An unusual odor coming from the wound
  • The pain has not decreased
  • The wound is unusually warm or feels warm to the touch

For more information about our wound services, contact us at 818.902.5755. You can also email us by using our contact us page.