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Nursing: A Vital Component to our Mission

Message from our Interim Chief Nursing Officer

Our nurses are part of a professional team that helps patients, and their families have great experiences at Valley Presbyterian Hospital (VPH). Guided by our core values and delivered through thoughtful practice, our nurses strive to deliver safe and high-quality patient care.

We treat everyone with respect by understanding the specific needs of our community, aligning our services to those needs, and being sensitive to what makes our patients and their families most comfortable.

We get better every day by analyzing our performance, finding new and better ways to practice, and then holding ourselves to high standards.

Finally, we help one another by leaning into each other’s strengths, making sure our patients and families feel supported and well cared for during their stay at VPH.

I am honored to be part of such a dedicated team of professionals. Together we are saving lives, and restoring health and wellbeing in the valley.

~ Adriana Velasco RN, MSN, MPH, CNS, LNC
Interim Chief Nursing Officer