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About Us

Valley Presbyterian Hospital first opened its doors over 60 years ago as a small, neighborhood provider. While we remain as independent as we were in 1958, today we have grown into a 350-bed full-service, non-profit community hospital, dedicated to the health and well-being of the diverse and challenged communities of the San Fernando Valley.

Our enduring goal is to be a vital asset to the community because for us, this Valley is not just an area of operation. It's our home. And its people are not just patients. They are our friends, our partners and our community. We build the facilities and services specifically focused on the needs of those in this community. We help patients manage and improve their health by providing access to a wide array of education and support. We serve our patients with respect by listening intently to care more effectively. And we consistently invest in our people, the most vital asset of all, building greater teamwork and communication that raises the quality of care for all our patients.

As a certified Cardiac STEMI Receiving Center, Valley Presbyterian Hospital is best equipped to care for heart attack patients within the critical 90 minutes following the onset of chest pain. We provide rapid response, as well as cardiac intervention and full surgery coverage any time, day or night.

Valley Presbyterian Hospital is a certified Primary Stroke Center providing immediate access to specialized neurologist via RP-Lite telemedicine technology. This system includes an on-camera interface that allows our physicians to perform real-time consultations with an on-demand neurologist.

Since 2017, Valley Presbyterian Hospital has also been designated as a Pediatric Medical Center (PMC) by the County of Los Angeles. This allows a team of pediatric specialists to provide a higher level of care for children in our pediatric intensive care unit (PICU).

Additionally, our Emergency Department Approved for Pediatrics (EDAP) designation means we have specialized pediatric teams, including pediatric surgeons and anesthesiologists, who are ready at a moment's notice to assemble, triage, and fast-track children to the care they urgently need.

At Valley Presbyterian Hospital, we are proud to be vital for access, vital for growth and vital for life.