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Cardiovascular Services

Treating Complex Heart Conditions

At Valley Presbyterian Hospital, specialists diagnose and treat patients with critical heart and vascular conditions. Heart and circulatory system disorders may be caused by structural conditions such as birth defects, arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats), obstructions to blood flow in and around the heart or other organs, or other causes. Heart and vascular system disorders should be taken seriously. They require a fast and precise diagnosis, with treatment guided by evidence-based medicine.

The expert, multidisciplinary medical team at Valley Presbyterian includes cardiologists and vascular surgeons. The medical staff responds quickly and is dedicated to improving our patients’ lives, deploying preventive, rehabilitative, diagnostic, interventional, and surgical treatments for a broad spectrum of heart and vascular conditions.

Our comprehensive cardiac and vascular services include advanced diagnostic technologies, such as echocardiography and vascular ultrasound. These new technologies are noninvasive or minimally invasive for most heart and vascular conditions. We strive to use the least invasive therapeutic options available so our patients heal more quickly.

Conditions We Treat

Our comprehensive cardiology services include the diagnosis, treatment, and management of:

  • Aneurysms
  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Coronary angioplasty & stenting
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Heart failure
  • Heart rhythm problems
  • Non-invasive cardiac stress testing
  • Non-invasive cardiac imaging
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Trauma
  • Valvular heart disease

We Are a STEMI Receiving Center for Heart Patients

It is important to act fast when there is a heart problem. A highly skilled cardiac response team is ready to treat patients having heart attacks within 30 minutes of arriving at our Emergency Department, 24/7.

Los Angeles County Emergency Medical Services has designated Valley Presbyterian Hospital as a STEMI Receiving Center. Paramedics bring patients having heart attacks to our Emergency Services unit where they are quickly examined. Depending on the diagnosis and condition, patients may have immediate angiography, angioplasty or even bypass surgery, if needed.

If you or a loved one is experiencing an emergency, call 911.

For more information about our cardiovascular services, contact us at 818.782.6600 or email us by using our contact us page.