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Preparing for Discharge

During your stay at Valley Presbyterian Hospital, your doctor and hospital staff will work with you to plan your discharge. You and your caregiver – a family member or friend – are key members of the planning team.

Your care team will give you discharge instructions and answer any questions you have about managing your treatment and medications once you have left our facility. If you are confused or unsure about what you need to do, what medications you must take, or if you have to restrict your diet or activities, please don't hesitate to ask questions and take notes, or have a friend or family member do so for you. Be sure you understand any instructions you have been given before you leave the hospital and speak with your charge nurse for more information about our discharge procedures.

Here are a few tips to make your discharge run smoothly:

  • Be sure you and/or your caregiver have spoken with a Case Manager and that you understand what services you may need after leaving the hospital.
  • Verify your discharge date with your nurse or doctor. Our goal is to discharge you by 11 AM so you are able to get settled at home or your after-care facility, and address any needs that arise before the end of the day.
  • Have someone available to pick you up.
  • Check your room, bathroom and bedside table carefully for any personal items.
  • Make sure you or your caregiver has all necessary paperwork for your follow-up physician appointment, prescriptions, etc.

Click here for a Discharge Checklist.