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Our Funding Priorities

Gifts provide the vital support Valley Presbyterian Hospital needs to continue to provide comprehensive healthcare, social services and advocacy for the San Fernando Valley's low-income and underserved families. By contributing funds, you can accomplish your charitable goals and support our commitment to the important work ahead. The following are a few of the programs, which need your support:

Palliative Care Program

A single physician currently conducts all palliative care activities at the hospital, providing referrals for end-of-life care. While about 20 cases can be handled a day, that number is only a fraction of those in need. The implementation of a hospital-wide palliative care program presents an opportunity to greatly increase that number so we can alleviate the physical, psychological, and spiritual suffering of patients with life-threatening illness, and their families. To provide compassionate, high-quality palliative care services, we request financial support to develop and implement a hospital-based palliative care program. An Advanced Care Nurse Practitioner, with the support of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Chaplain, will lead the program.

Virtual Patient Observation Technology

Valley Presbyterian Hospital currently relies on a Safety Companion Sitter to provide bedside, one-on-one supervision of patients who suffer from mental or behavioral health issues. While this observation mitigates safety risks to the patient and others, it strains skilled nursing staff, potentially removing them from units where they are needed or doubling work schedules. Virtual patient observation technology will allow a single nurse to monitor up to 20 patients simultaneously from a central location using a portable digital monitoring device. The addition of this technology will ensure each patient is safe and cared for, while meeting compliance expectations and maximizing staff resources.

Diabetes In-Patient Education and Treatment Program

Approximately 30% of the patients discharged from Valley Presbyterian Hospital have a diagnosis of diabetes. Many of these patients are economically disadvantaged, suffer from multiple co-morbidities, and are heavily reliant on public health insurance programs to pay for their medical care. Valley Presbyterian Hospital has a full-time Diabetes Patient Navigator who offers diabetes care management free of charge for patients admitted to the hospital. The DPN teaches diabetes self-management to inpatients and ensures continuity of care. The aim of the program is to promote the shortest and safest hospital stay; provide an effective transition out of the hospital that prevents complications and readmissions, and to promote health and wellness hospital-wide. We seek support from the philanthropic community for continuation funding of this program.

Community and Health Professions Education Programs

Valley Presbyterian Hospital's Community Education programs offer free classes to promote and maintain health, learning, and social development. An essential aspect of our overall mission is to improve individual health by providing wellness education, injury and disease prevention, and other resources. Each year, we identify and develop programs that respond to the 10 most immediate health needs of the underserved population throughout our community, often partnering with other area organizations. In addition, we provide educational programs for physicians, nurses, nursing students, and other health professionals to help ensure they have access to up-to-date training and technology.

  • Skills Training for Senior Care Providers: A number of adults over the age of 60 are admitted to the hospital from senior care facilities with preventable hospital-acquired conditions. Inpatients with HACs are a growing national concern due to patient morbidity and mortality, treatment costs, and reimbursement issues. Our goal is to develop and implement a training program to educate Valley Presbyterian Hospital nurses and medical staff at senior care facilities about preventing HACs. We anticipate that a minimum of 500 health physicians, nurses and other health providers will be trained on how to prevent HACs in senior care facilities. Senior care includes hospice, skilled nursing, assisted living, and home health facilities.
  • Nursing Skills Simulation Laboratory (Sim Lab): The Sim Lab is where nursing students and members of our healthcare team master their skills on high fidelity mannequins that are designed to simulate realistic patient situations and responses with limitless medical scenarios. The mannequins used in the Sim Lab are outdated and in constant need of repairs. To provide advanced, high-quality simulation-based training for healthcare professionals, we request financial support to purchase and install state-of-the-art human patient simulators in the Sim Lab.
  • Maternal Child Health Education: A significant number of women in the San Fernando Valley do not receive prenatal care prior to having their babies. Valley Presbyterian Hospital is one of the only hospitals in the San Fernando Valley that offers free prenatal and maternal health education classes for pregnant women and their families, and we are the only hospital to provide classes in both English and Spanish, supporting participants who only speak Spanish or have limited English proficiency. Our goal is to continue improving the health of women during and after pregnancy, as well as birth outcomes for women receiving care through our labor and delivery unit. General operating support for this program will allow the hospital to continue to provide this essential service at no charge to participants.
  • Healthy Maturity Exercise Classes: The Health Maturity Exercise class is a free fitness program for seniors. Certified instructors focus on strength building, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and relaxation. Upgrades to a wide range of equipment for these classes is required, so participants can continue improving their quality of life.

For more information, please contact: or 818.902.7928