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Discharge Checklist

Ready, Set, Go!

During your stay at Valley Presbyterian Hospital, your doctor and hospital staff will work with you to plan your discharge. You and your caregiver – a family member or friend – are key members of the planning team.

Our goal is to discharge you by 11 AM on your day of discharge , so plan to leave before noon, and discuss the items on the checklist below with your doctor, nurse, and/or social worker throughout your hospital stay.

Recovery and Support

  • Ask about medical equipment you may need, such as a walker. Find out who you can contact if you have questions about the equipment.
  • Before leaving the hospital, make sure you have made arrangements to have the support of at least one caregiver who can assist you and your family, if needed.
  • Ask VPH staff to show you and your family/caregiver any tasks that require special skills, such as changing a bandage or giving a shot. Then, show them you can do these tasks. Write down the name and phone number of a person you can call if you need help or have questions.
  • Have your physician's contact information in case of an emergency.
  • Valley Presbyterian Hospital can offer a bedside medication delivery program to fill your prescriptions before leaving the hospital. Ask your charge nurse for more details.

Final To-Do List for the Patient/Caregiver/Family Member

  • Let us know who will be taking you home.
  • Do you have your prescriptions? Which pharmacy will you use?
  • Do you have a copy of your medication list?
  • Do you have a scheduled follow-up visit with your physician within 7 days of discharge? Bring this information and medication list to that appointment.
  • Do you and/or your family members have any questions or concerns related to your care, diagnoses, disease, or procedures?
  • Do you understand your discharge instructions? Are you able to read them back to your nurse to demonstrate your understanding of these instructions?