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During Your Stay

Upon Admission

Congratulations! Your big day has arrived! We know how excited you and your family are to welcome your new baby into the world. Your safety, well-being, and comfort are our top priorities in the Maternity Services unit. Upon admission, you will be assigned to a tranquil Labor and Delivery Room, or a family birthing suite designed to accommodate your needs. A nurse will work closely with you, your family, and your physician to ensure you have the best care possible.

Click here to watch our "Step-by-Step Video Guide" in English and Spanish.

Welcoming Your Baby

We know the first moments with your newborn are extra special. After delivery, you and your family may immediately begin bonding with your new baby. The first hour after birth is commonly known as the "golden hour," and we encourage you and your spouse or significant other to bond with your infant during this time. Family and friends are encouraged to visit after the golden hour. Our family birthing suites offer the comforts of home, including a sleeper chair so the baby's father or a family member can stay with you.

About two hours after giving birth, you and your baby will be moved to a Postpartum Room for the remainder of your stay. You and your baby will room together during your hospital stay, unless your baby requires special medical attention in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), which is devoted to providing specialized care for newborns born premature or ill.

Looking Out for Your Baby's Safety

Keeping you and your family safe is extremely important to us. With the utmost security in mind, we will identify your baby at birth with a special bracelet that will be identical to the one placed on your wrist. Only you and the person selected to wear the other bracelet can move the baby from your room to the nursery. As a security measure and for your convenience, all Valley Presbyterian Hospital employees wear recognizable identification badges.

Keeping Your Baby Healthy

During your hospital stay, we will make a daily assessment of your baby's health. If he or she shows any signs of jaundice — a common condition in babies who have a build-up of bilirubin in their blood — we will treat your baby immediately with special light therapy. Our nursing staff is always available to answer your questions or contact your physician regarding your baby's condition.

Questions? We can help. Contact us at 818.902.5222.

Visitors are Welcome!

Having a baby is an exciting family event, and we encourage your spouse or partner to remain with you throughout your stay. In our Labor and Delivery Unit, after you give birth, we observe the "golden hour" and allow parents to bond with their newborn for one hour before we welcome visitors. Additionally in the Maternity Unit, we maintain a special quiet time daily from 3– 5 PM so parents may bond with their babies with minimal interruptions. We appreciate the observance of this quiet time for infant bonding.

Visiting Procedures

Latest update 1/20/22

At Valley Presbyterian Hospital, the health and safety of patients, visitors, employees, physicians, and the community remain our top priority. We continue to revise and adhere to the latest California Department of Public Health guidelines and strict infection-control practices through the post COVID-19 pandemic period. Accordingly, as of January 13, 2022 our visitation practices have been revised. Thank you for your understanding and your partnership in keeping everyone safe and allowing patients time to rest and heal.

Beginning January 13, 2022, Valley Presbyterian Hospital is complying with the recent California Department of Public Health's Order requiring that all visitors pass certain screening criteria to enter the hospital.

  • At the hospital entrance, present proof of COVID-19 vaccination and booster, if booster-eligible (defined in the link above and on our Covid-19 page). Or show a negative COVID-19 antigen test taken within one day (24 hours) of visitation or a negative PCR test taken within two days (48 hours) of visitation. If visiting on multiple consecutive days, proof of a negative test is only required every third day (i.e. testing is only required on day one, day four, day seven, etc.)
  • Visitors must wear a hospital issued face-covering and a new identification sticker each day, while on the premises, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Visitors must be 18 years of age or older, even if accompanied by an adult.
  • For the safety of the patient and others, inpatients with infectious disease will be limited to virtual visits.
  • Visitor movement within the facility will be limited to and from the path directly to the patient’s room.
  • Inpatients in the Women's and Children's Services units may have two visitors during a 24-hour period. Please visit our Visiting Hours page for additional details about visiting patients in the Women's and Children's Services units (Labor & Delivery, Pediatrics, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).
  • The following visitors are exempt from the COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements of this policy:

    • In emergent situations, parent or guardian visitors of pediatric patients, a support person for a labor and delivery patient, and a person visiting for bonding visits including in-room stay with a newborn and hospitalized parent. For subsequent visits following the emergent situation and as soon as reasonably possible thereafter, but no longer than 72 hours, these visitors must comply with the vaccine verification or applicable testing requirements.

Your Baby's First Photo

The very first pictures of your baby tell a timeless story, and mark the beginning of your new baby's life. Our Maternity Services unit wants to help capture these special moments. A representative from a professional photography company will visit your room to photograph your little one. If you wish, you may place a picture order at that time. You'll also have an opportunity to have your baby's portrait placed in our online nursery.

Breastfeeding Support

We believe that breastfeeding is the healthiest way for you to feed your baby. We do not accept free formula milk or milk from breast milk substitute manufacturers, and have developed a breastfeed­ing policy that guides how we care for our patients. Our nursing staff has received more than 20 hours of breastfeeding training and will work with you to achieve your breast­feeding goals. We also have specially trained lactation consultants on site to assist with breastfeeding education and support. We are committed to the health of the mothers and babies we serve, and we provide breast­feeding support, even after a hospital stay.

For breastfeeding support and more information, contact us at 818.902.5222