For Community

As an independent, nonprofit community hospital, Valley Presbyterian Hospital is dedicated to improving the quality of health in the San Fernando Valley.

We are a values-based organization that strives to uphold our Core Values of dignity, respect, compassion, transparency and collaboration.

To learn about specific ways Valley Presbyterian Hospital strives to improve the health and quality of health in our community, please click on the following links:

Community Health Needs Assessment

Since 1997, Valley Presbyterian Hospital has participated in the triennial San Fernando/Santa Clarita Valley community health needs assessment. As part of this effort, a consortium of more than 100 health care and social service providers conducted research to identify the most pressing health care needs in the region. This consortium was led by the Valley Community Care Consortium, which published the findings. Since 2013, Valley Presbyterian Hospital has produced its own, customized needs assessment for its service area. Based on this triennial assessment, the Hospital has developed community programs and services to address these needs.

Community Benefit Implementation Strategy

Valley Presbyterian Hospital has created a Community Benefit Implementation Strategy (2016-2019), based on the triennial community needs assessment.

For any comments or questions about our Community Health Needs Assessment or Implementation Strategy please click here.