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VPH Launches Patient Portal

Posted on 4/24/2014

VAN NUYS, CA – Valley Presbyterian Hospital is pleased to announce the recent launch of its Patient Portal, an interactive tool that enables patients and their authorized representatives to access and share health information online.

The Valley Presbyterian Hospital Patient Portal is aimed at engaging patients in their health care plan. Once enrolled in the system, patients will be able to view laboratory and radiology reports, medications, allergies, demographic information, visit history and discharge/aftercare information from their phone, tablet, computer, or any Internet-enabled device.

Valley Presbyterian Hospital is among a few hospitals in the San Fernando Valley region to make health care information available to its patients online under new federal requirements designed to increase patient access to health information.

"We are excited to offer our patients and their authorized representatives the convenience of a Patient Portal," said Jeff Allport, Valley Presbyterian Hospital's Vice President & Chief Information Officer. "We believe this will help patients and their caregivers to become more informed and engaged, while increasing the communication, efficiency and productivity of our health care providers, leading to better outcomes."

Valley Presbyterian Hospital's Patient Portal is powered by MEDITECH, one of the world's largest electronic health record providers. MEDITECH services 2,300 hospitals internationally, including 1,400 hospitals across the United States.

The Patient Portal is completely secure, so patients can be confident their private health information is protected. In the coming months, the Patient Portal will be expanded to offer patients other functions that will add additional value to their care experience.

"Navigating the health care environment often can be difficult, especially due to the number of care transitions that take place throughout the patient's course of care and treatment," said Jean Rico, Valley Presbyterian Hospital's Senior Vice President of Quality. "Through the Patient Portal, we are empowering patients to be active decision makers in their health care and to determine who needs access their health information. We believe this will lead to more coordinated care and increased patient satisfaction. "


Valley Presbyterian Hospital (VPH) is an independent, nonprofit and nonsectarian hospital serving the medical needs of the San Fernando Valley community for more than 50 years. VPH has grown to become one of the largest acute care hospitals in the Valley region and continues to provide patient-centered care for a healthy community. The 350-bed facility offers advanced technology and a full range of medical services to improve and save lives.