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Valley Presbyterian Hospital Health Fair Transcription

[Uplifting music]

Visuals: Exterior of Valley Presbyterian Hospital entrance with groups of visitors signing in under a banner that says “Welcome to VPH’s annual Health & Wellness Community Fair”; camera pan of people walking through the parking lot and stopping to receive brochures and gifts from a row of community partners that have set up tables under open tents.

Female Community Partner: Valley Presbyterian Hospital is vital to this community for all the support and for all the good that they do. Aside from healthcare…

Female Community Partner (V.O.): …they also offer a lot of great resources for this community’s betterment.

V.O. visuals: Female Community Partner behind El Proyecto del Barrio table with brochures and other materials talking to a female visitor; close up of Mother’s Nutritional sign; wider camera angle of Mother’s table with two females behind the table with fruit baskets and other food items waving to the camera.

Male Visitor: Having an event that is so publicly available to everyone...

Male Visitor (V.O.): …it’s fantastic and showing that medical outreach is really relieving for me and my family.

V.O. visuals: Female volunteers wearing Valley Presbyterian Hospital t-shirts behind a table handing out blue gift bags to visitors; a male nurse giving a flu shot to a seated visitor under a large open tent while other nurses are working in the background; a group of male and female Hispanic dancers dressed in white costumes performing in the parking lot for a crowd.

Female Visitor #1 (V.O.): They’re out in the community reaching out to people. A lot of people came to today’s event. I think it’s very helpful and great for them…

V.O. visuals: People sitting on the front lawn of Valley Presbyterian Hospital eating from free picnic boxes; a young boy kicking a soccer ball into the Blue Shield of California soccer blow-up wall set up in the parking lot; a female visitor signing up at a YWCA table; a family of visitors receiving brochure materials at the Valley Presbyterian Hospital table.

Female Visitor #1: …to have that accessibility.

Female Visitor #2 (V.O.): When I was a kid, I grew up here and so this was the hospital I went to whenever I had events or anything. I’m really familiar…

V.O. visuals: Close up of a spinning raffle wheel with the words Candy, Bracelet, Pencil, and Water Bottle; close up of Valley Presbyterian Hospital blue gift bags on table; three volunteers behind table with maternity and newborn information waving to the camera; a female community partner behind a breast-cancer awareness table waving to the camera.

Female Visitor #2: …and I’m so glad it’s like less than two miles away from us.

Female Visitor #2 (V.O.): I’m just really thankful for that.

V.O. visuals: Close-up of El Proyecto del Barrio banner next to tent; front of its table with visitors walking up to it.

Female Visitor #3 (V.O.): This event benefits me a lot from what I went through in the past. I was, you know, in the hospital for five days so they took care of me. This hospital is my life saver.

V.O. visuals: Continued front of El Proyecto del Barrio table with visitors walking up to it; close up of Valley Presbyterian Hospital nurse sitting behind a table giving a visitor information about strokes; a nurse preparing a free flu shot for a senior man sitting down.

Female Visitor #3: And I’m here telling my story because of it.

Visuals: Various aerial shots of top of Valley Presbyterian Hospital buildings. End screen with Valley Presbyterian Hospital logo.

[End music]