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Valley Presbyterian Hospital - Gustavo Valdespino Video

Speaker is Gustavo Valdespino, President & CEO of Valley Presbyterian Hospital in the boardroom

Valdespino: As a freestanding community hospital, Valley Presbyterian Hospital is first and foremost a community asset.

Valedespino (V.O.): Here we serve thousands of individuals and families each year providing critical access to a wide range of medical specialties with leading edge technology.

V.O. visuals: Visitors at Valley Presbyterian’s Health & Wellness Community Fair receiving free screenings and shots; young couple with their newborn baby in hallway; Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics with patient on gurney entering the hospital; female technician with monitoring equipment working with a male patient.

[Uplifting music]

Music visuals: Exterior of hospital signage; valet parking attendants helping a visitor; a female receptionist at front desk of the hospital greeting visitors; two nurses looking at a computer monitor; a female receptionist behind the front desk of the west wing waving to the camera; a smiling female attendant behind computer; a large group of smiling nurses and healthcare workers receiving recognition at an event; a panning camera view of the Pediatrics unit with title “Pediatrics”; a female nurse with a young male patient in the pediatrics ward with “Kid-Friendly Center” lower-third title; young male patient in bed smiling, waving arms; young male patient with mother playing chess in the playroom of the pediatrics unit; several children with their family making arts and crafts in the playroom; adult patient with her young son playing in the pediatrics unit; smiling young boy and his mother, with “Family-Centered Approach” lower-third title; a panning view of Maternity Services unit with nurses walking down hallway with title “Maternity Services”; a young couple rolling their newborn baby down hallway with “3,000+ births each year” lower-third title; two female nurses in NICU attending to baby; surgeons and nurses in maternity surgery room; two female nurses presenting a new baby to a couple with “Obstetricians on site 24/7” lower-third title; joyful young mother takes baby from nurse to hold her; close-up of couple holding their new baby’s hand; close-up of Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) paramedic truck and FirstMed ambulance with patient on gurney outside of the Emergency Department (ED) with “Emergency Department” upper title and “65,000+ patients each year” lower-third title; another ambulance arrives; two serious male nurses in the ED; smiling female nurse behind monitor in the ED; female nurse rolls equipment into ED room with “Cardiac Receiving Center & Primary Stroke Center” lower- third title; busy doctor and nurses behind the admitting ED desk; nurses and LAFD paramedic in ED talking with patient on gurney.

Valdespino (V.O.) [with music]: Our 1600 employees and more than 500 physicians…

V.O. visuals: Camera pan of exterior of hospital; Gustavo Valdespino at conference speaking to employees

Valdespino: …are focused on one common goal – taking excellent care of….

VO [with music]: …patients and families in our community. [music continues]

V.O. / music visuals: Exterior hospital; Health & Wellness Community Fair signage in front of hospital; “Fun for the Whole Family!” banner behind a band playing at the fair; smiling male volunteer cooking on outdoor grill; volunteer handing free fruit to a visitor; young boy receiving a snow cone from a volunteer; nurse showing young girl a diagram of the human body with “Free health education classes” title in lower-third; young boy holding a free teddy bear; smiling volunteers behind table; group of visitors and volunteer nurses giving thumbs up signs with “Free health screenings” title in lower-third; female nurse talking with fair visitor; male nurse taking blood pressure of fair visitor; overhead pan of volunteers attending the fair’s free food buffet and visitors standing in line; doctor holding skeletal model of hip joint with “Hip & Knee Institute” title; doctor pointing to x-ray of hip with “15,000+ hip and knee procedures completed” lower-third title; doctor demonstrating movement of a replacement knee with “Quick recovery at the Valley Rehabilitation Center” lower-third title; patient on exercise cycle in rehab center; rehab worker helping patient on bars at rehab center; older male patient sitting on bed with “Amputation Prevention Center” (APC) upper title; doctor shaking hand of patient with “Expert surgeons and wound care specialist” lower-third title; doctor and doctor’s assistant talking with older male patient in bed in APC unit; camera pan from inside hyperbaric machine with “Wound & Hyperbaric Center” upper title; camera panning interior of hyperbaric machine with “Advanced care for diabetic and chronic wounds” lower-third title; doctor on phone in Wound & Hyperbaric Center]

Valdespino (V.O.) [with music]: From our emergency room to our labor delivery unit, our Hip & Knee Institute, to our Amputation Prevention Center, we exist to serve those in our community.

V.O. visuals: Paramedics entering ED doorway with patient on gurney; close-up of young mother kissing forehead of her newborn; doctor moving male patient’s leg at the knee; doctor showing senior female patient x-ray of her knee; nurses behind the desk of APC unit; pan of hospital exterior; end screen with “Valley Presbyterian Hospital, 818-782-6000,”; final end screen with “Valley Presbyterian Hospital; An independent, nonprofit, community hospital; Excellence in All We Do, 818-782-6600,”.