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Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: Excellent Care for Our Most Vulnerable Patients

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Our 32-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Level III, provides the highest level of care for newborns born ill or premature, and is one of the largest units of its kind in the San Fernando Valley.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, our NICU care team deploys a wide range of medical treatments and developmental care, ensuring a safe and effective care plan based on your baby's individual health needs. At Valley Presbyterian Hospital, board-certified neonatal intensivists work seamlessly with a team of dedicated nurses — who are specially trained and certified in critical newborn care — and in-house therapists, dieticians, and lactation consultants. Our staff is committed to delivering compassionate, family-centered care for the tiniest and most vulnerable patients.

Our specialized services:

  • 24/7 patient observation and monitoring
  • Diagnosis and treatment (including preventative treatment) for:
    • Illness
    • Injury
    • Disease
    • Disorders
  • Two Isolation Pressure Negative rooms for newborns with compromised immune systems, or for those who are at high risk for contracting a communicable disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would my baby need to be admitted to the NICU?

Answer: Your baby may be admitted to our NICU for one of several reasons. If your newborn needs a little extra attention for a few days, or is born prematurely or critically ill, our NICU can provide a safe environment with a highly trained staff and advanced medical equipment.

How long will my baby need to stay in the NICU?

Answer: Length of stay in the NICU depends on a number of medical factors. Some newborns stay in the NICU for up to two months or even longer. As a parent of an infant in our NICU, rest assured our staff wants you to enjoy your new family member in your home's environment as soon as possible. They know your baby's discharge from the NICU is an exciting time and are aware you may have some anxious moments before this occurs. Please don't hesitate to ask your care team any questions about your baby's care plan. The staff in our NICU will make every effort to address your needs, and give you and your family peace of mind leading to the day when your baby comes home.