Our Foundation

President's Circle Gifts from individuals, private foundations, corporations, and others allow Valley Presbyterian Hospital to remain a vital asset to our community. These gifts have significantly impacted the growth of the hospital and the lives of the patients it serves. We are grateful to all of our donors, and recognize them in a variety of ways through our donor appreciation programs. This recognition is our expression of gratitude and creates public awareness for the support the Foundation receives from individuals and businesses in the community.

Patient Donor: When every second counts

"The care I received in the ER was just amazing - the team was on top of everything. They called a doctor in the middle of the night on a Skype-like robot screen. He explained the whole thing via that screen right at the foot of my bed."

- Patient Mark Sugarman

It is through donations like Mark Sugarman's that we are able to continue providing the cutting-edge technology that helped save his life.

Physician Donor: Compelled to action for the community

"As a physician with more than 20 years of experience, I was compelled to take an active role in the Emergency Room renovation - recognizing the value that Valley Presbyterian Hospital brings to the community in providing critical medical care to a growing and underserved patient population."

- Dr. Mark Bell, Co-Chair of the Emergency Department Renovation Campaign

Dr. Bell's support of our Emergency Department renovation is making a positive and lasting impact on our community.

Business Donor: Support for those who cannot pay

"As a member of the Valley Presbyterian Hospital Foundatin's Corporate Circle, I support the hospital's long-standing presence in the community and how they provide full-service medical care, even to those patients who don't have the ability to pay for their services."

- Amy Kalajian, CEO, Remedy Home Health Care

Corporate and business donors like Remedy Home Health Care provide unrestricted funding that help us with equipment upgrades and community programs.

Employee Donor: A real Goal Getter

"I’ve worked at Valley Presbyterian Hospital for more than 30 years, and take great pride in serving our patients and our community. By participating in the hospital’s employee giving program, Goal Getters, I’m helping to give back to our patients by ensuring that we have the equipment and programs we need to provide the best care for them now and in the future.”

Darryl Toy, Director of Pharmacy

Employees like Darryl Tory not only provide excellent healthcare, their financial support makes a difference to patients.

Chairman of the Board and Donor: In support of excellence for the community

“Valley Presbyterian Hospital is a vital community asset that has been serving thousands of individuals and families each year since its opening in 1958. Through our gifts, my wife Susan and I are helping to support the hospital’s longstanding mission of improving the quality of health in the San Fernando Valley and its vision of excellence. Our community has many health care needs, and by donating to Valley Presbyterian Hospital Foundation, we know we are contributing to an organization that puts those needs above all else.”

Gregory L. Kay, MD, Valley Presbyterian Hospital Chairman of the Board

Gregory and Susan Kay’s gifts and leadership go beyond the boardroom, to the heart of what we stand for as a non-profit hospital.

For more information, please contact: foundation@valleypres.org or 818.902.7928