Ways to Give

Through the generous support of individuals, private foundations, employees, physicians, and local business and community leaders, Valley Presbyterian Hospital has funded numerous clinical and community initiatives. Some of these funding projects include the following:




First 5 LA - Welcome Baby $6,161,000
Improving Patient Pathways - Continuum of Care $1,050,000
In-patient Diabetes Care Management Program $150,000
Medication Reconciliation Program $142,800
Clinical Practice Re-Design $228,500
First 5 LA - Baby Friendly Hospital Project Grant $449,900
Valley Presbyterian Hospital Stroke Prevention Fund $35,400


Emergency Department Renovation Project $3,100,000
Operating Room Renovation Project $126,000


Intensive Care Unit Patient Monitors $473,600
Cribs for Pediatric Department $9,000
Sleeper Chairs for Pediatric Department $21,600
Phototherapy Lights for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) $9,000
Surgical Medical Equipment $18,400
Car Seats for Infants $5,000
Cardiact Rehabilitation and Fitness Center $7,700


Healthcare & Hospital New Era Readiness Assessment $120,000
Center for Wound Healing (formerly the Amputation Prevention Center) $20,350 + Dinner proceeds

For more information, please contact: foundation@valleypres.org or (818) 902-7928