Nursing Excellence

The New RN Residency Program at Valley Presbyterian Hospital

The RN Residency Program at Valley Presbyterian Hospital is a six-month program that pairs new nursing graduates with preceptors, or experienced nurse professionals, at the start of their career. This provides qualified new nursing graduates with the opportunity to learn and apply knowledge and skills in a hospital setting with guidance, sup­port and continuous feedback. Nurse residents receive training in a specialty area such as emergency care, operating room, obstetrics/maternity, children's services or telemetry, and receive regular evaluations on their progress.

The program is structured into three, two-month phases, and nurse residents gain more in­dependence in patient care activities with each phase of the program. In the first phase, nurse residents practice primary nursing functions such as IV management, medication delivery and medication reconciliation. In the second phase, nurse residents learn how to perform complex and critical nursing functions and begin learning their specialty area. During the final phase, nurse residents are exposed to more complex and critical nursing functions in their specialty area, and begin to assume a patient assignment under the watchful eye of their preceptor.

For more information about the program, please contact Human Resources at (818) 902-2927.