Our Services

We started a Laborist Program to enhance the safety and care of women and babies entrusted to our care. Our laborists are board-certified obstetricians who remain on the unit solely to care for labor and delivery patients. Laborist coverage is provided 24/7, and our laborists are immediately available to examine you, evaluate the progress of your labor, detect and respond to laboratory abnormalities, answer your questions and provide a safe delivery.

Our laborists respect each family's birth plan and collaborate with your personal obstetrician, who remains in charge of your care. The laborist, upon request from your personal physician, is able to manage your labor until he/she arrives, or in the event that your doctor is unable to make it in time for your delivery.

Emergencies can occur and when they do, time is precious. The laborist is already on hand, ready to provide lifesaving intervention. Because of this added level of safety and service, the Valley Presbyterian Hospital Laborist Program receives high praise from patients, families, obstetricians and obstetrical nurses.

To arrange a free tour of our Maternity Services unit, please call 818.902.5222.