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Last update: August 16, 2018


Emergent Medical Associates
Dennis Kasimian, MD


Ronald J. Belczyk, DPM
California Dialysis Associates
Cardiovascular Consultants Medical Group
Gnana M. Desigan, MD
Nicholas Di Domenico, MD**
Michael A. Kirsch, MD
Peter J. Koetters, MD*
Thomas J. Lomis, MD
Mid Valley Pulmonary Medical Group
Ganesh Pandian, MD*
Llorens Pembrook, MD
Sridhar Ramachandran, MD
Renaissance Imaging Medical Associates, Inc.
Kevin Rice, MD*
Southern California Orthopedic Institute
Sukshma Sreepathi, MD
TMI Pathology Associates
Tri-Valley Neonatal Medical Group, Inc.
Valley Internal Medicine & Nephrology Medical Group*


George Andros, MD
Bassam K. Bejjani, MD
Ashwani Bhardwaj, MD
Nagaraj Chetty, MD
Shahram Farahvash, MD
Hany Farid, MD
Richard Ferkel, MD
Heshmat Foroohar, MD
Jason Greenspan, MD
Liva Yates Gritton, MD
Carlos Guanche, MD
Chenduen Hwang, MD
Internal Medicine Associates
Samuel Kashani, MD
Kambiz Kosari, MD
Gregory Lekovic, MD
Benjamin Lesin, MD
Los Angeles Perinatal Associates
Farshad Malekmehr, MD
Diego Mechoso, MD
Brian Ostick, MD
Michael Polisky, MD
Andrea J. Reiche, MD
Mark S. Romoff, MD
Salimpour Pediatric Medical Group
San Fernando Valley Medical Group
Munaf A. Shamji, MD, FACC
Sylvain Silberstein, MD
Balbir Singh, MD
Southern California Vascular Group
Kevin Teehee, MD
Patrick J. Walsh, MD
Charles Weidmann, MD
Clyde Wesp, MD
Erik Zeegen, MD

*Governing Board Member
**Foundation Board Member

For information on the Physician Circle, please contact: foundation@valleypres.org or (818) 902-7928