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4-Apr-2019 - Don’t let heart disease, stroke, and other serious health conditions sneak up on you. Instead, prevent them by seeing your doctor for a yearly well-woman checkup.
1-Apr-2019 - Storing most of your fat around your waist, rather than at your hips, puts you at higher risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
1-Apr-2019 - Women with a history of gum disease were 14% more likely to develop any cancer, compared with those with healthy gums.
1-Apr-2019 - Staying hydrated makes it easier for your heart to pump blood throughout your body. When your fluid levels dip too low, your heart has to work overtime.
1-Apr-2019 - Allowing kids time to play may be more important to their development than many people realize.
1-Apr-2019 - Making healthy food choices is smart. But can you take healthy eating too far? If you’re obsessed with eating only the foods you consider to be healthy, you may have an eating disorder called orthorexia.
1-Apr-2019 - Even brief amounts of exercise can help you fortify your heart health, manage your weight, and simply boost your overall well-being.
1-Apr-2019 - Many people with asthma report problems at night, from coughing to wheezing. For better sleep, it's important to control your symptoms.
1-Apr-2019 - PCOS is a common hormonal problem in women of childbearing age. The condition often is accompanied by other health problems, and can make it hard to get pregnant.
1-Mar-2019 - Pancreatic cancer is difficult to detect early, which makes survival much less likely. Doctors are working hard to learn more about this malignancy—and how to stop it.
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