About Your Hospital Stay

As part of Valley Presbyterian's mission to continuously improve patient care, we have partnered with Walgreens to offer convenient bedside delivery and express medication pickup services for prescription medications. Prior to discharge, you may choose to get your medications delivered to your room or have them ready at the pharmacy before you leave the hospital, at no additional charge.

Walgreens handles any necessary insurance authorizations, fills the prescription and delivers the order directly to you. A Walgreens pharmacist will place a follow up call 48 hours after you've been discharged to answer any questions you may have. Ask your charge nurse for more details.

In addition, Walgreens can also take care of all of your infusion therapy needs once you leave the hospital. Walgreens Infusion Services offers a wide range of infusion therapies to treat patients of all ages for a broad variety of conditions. It has comprehensive therapy management programs for antibiotics, bleeding disorders, heart failure, immunoglobulin (IG) therapy, and home nutrition support. Beyond providing easy, time-saving options for obtaining your medications, it is our hope that the Walgreens program can also help improve the likelihood that you will take the medications and therapeutic treatments prescribed by your physician, which in turn, can help speed your recovery.

If you would like to take advantage of these convenient services, please inquire with your nurse or call 818.989.4281 to speak with the Walgreens Pharmacy Manager.