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Valley Center for Wound Management

Valley Center for Wound Management


Specialized expertise. Compassionate care.
Our Valley Center for Wound Management patients benefit from the compassionate, attentive care of a multidisciplinary team of physicians. Our team of multiple specialists includes general, vascular, plastic reconstructive, and orthopedic surgeons as well as podiatrists and infectious disease experts — all working together to heal your wounds faster.

Our physicians are supported by nurses specializing in wound care as well as a team of highly trained technicians and medical assistants. We will strive for excellent healing rates and will target a wide range of chronic wounds including those caused or compounded by:

• Pressure
• Venous stasis disease
• Diabetes
• Peripheral vascular disease
• Radiation
• Trauma
• Surgery
• Autoimmune diseases
• Collagen vascular diseases

Our specialists also provide excellent intervention, patient education, and support to prevent and minimize the severity of wounds.

Prevention and intervention for diabetics.
With diabetes on the rise, chronic wounds impact the health and quality of life of millions of diabetic patients. Diabetes often leads to poor circulation and nerve damage, which in turn can lead to a wide range of foot problems. A simple cut or blister turns into an ulcer or wound that resists treatment and refuses to heal. Left untreated, these wounds can cause severe infections and may even result in amputation.

At the Valley Center for Wound Management, we are committed to making sure this doesn’t happen. Our specialized team helps at-risk diabetic patients control and manage foot problems, including non-healing wounds. We work with patients’ primary care doctors to help them maintain blood-sugar control and proper daily foot care.

When foot problems do arise, we intervene quickly with the appropriate treatment and advanced care.

Treatments that work. And heal.
Working closely with your primary care physician, our team develops an individualized treatment plan based on your specific wound severity and medical history. We specialize in the assessment and treatment of chronic wounds utilizing proven techniques and treatments that may include:

• Vascular testing
• Surgical intervention
• Antibiotic therapy
• Specialized dressings
• Nutritional counseling
• Pressure relief
• Compression therapy
• Protective footwear
• Vacuum assisted closure
• Diabetes education
• Other advanced treatments

You don’t have to live with your wounds.
If you have a wound that appears slow to heal after four weeks, or has not completely healed after two months, ask your physician for a referral to the Valley Center for Wound Management. Our specialized physicians can provide you with an expert second opinion, and a plan to put you on the road to healing.

Outreach Services are a central component of our program.
Often times, those who can benefit most by aggressive modalities tailored to heal their wounds find it difficult or cost-prohibitive to travel to a clinic for consultation. Working in conjunction with a multi-disciplinary team of board certified physicians, our specialized wound nurses can visit patients in their home or resident-care facility in order to educate the patient and develop a tailored treatment plan to heal their wounds.

Valley Center for Wound Management
Outpatient Hours:
Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM

Outpatient Clinic Location:
Valley Presbyterian Hospital
15107 Vanowen Street
Van Nuys, CA 91405
Phone: (818) 902-3908
Fax: (818) 904-3708