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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

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Valley Presbyterian Hospital offers a full-service emergency department that provides basic emergency care and minor treatment services.

Valley Presbyterian Hospital is a STEMI Receiving Center for heart attack patients who are brought into the Emergency Department by paramedics. The STEMI Receiving Center designation means that the Emergency Department, Cardiac Cath Lab, cardiologists on staff, and Cardiac Surgery Services all work together effectively to preserve a patient's heart muscle within 90 minutes following the onset of chest pain.

Emergency Department Approved for PediatricsThe Emergency Department is equipped and staffed to care for children with emergency medical needs. When paramedics respond to a child in trouble, they bring the child to the nearest EDAP facility.

Fast Track Emergency Careis designed to care for patients with urgent but not life-threatening needs such as cuts or sports injuries, as well as colds, fevers, and earaches. The clinical staff provides adult as well as pediatric care, so the entire family can turn to Valley Presbyterian Hospital for their emergent needs. Patients with less serious problems are seen, treated and can be back home quickly, saving time and frustration. At the same time, Fast Track helps free up the Emergency Department to treat patients who have serious and life-threatening medical problems.

Valley Presbyterian Hospital's Emergency Department was renovated and expanded in 2005 to include the latest in heart monitoring equipment and more rooms for patients.