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Cardiovascular Services

Cardiovascular Services

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On the cutting-edge of cardiac care.

Equipping cardiologists with the latest technology.
At Valley Presbyterian Hospital, we are committed to building the Valley’s most advanced cardiology program that responds to our community’s needs, staffed by cardiologists, nurses, and technicians who lead the region in expertise. Equipped with the latest technology and tools, our outstanding cardiology team has the ability to diagnose, intervene and treat heart problems, make faster and better-information decisions, and perform life-saving procedures.

STEMI Receiving Center
Faster treatment for cardiac patients.
As part of our commitment to advancing cardiac care, Valley Presbyterian Hospital has significantly accelerated our response time to heart attacks. Our STEMI-certified ER is one of the region’s best prepared and staffed to admit, diagnose, and treat cardiac arrest and chest pains. With the proper processes in place and expert cardiologists always on-call, our team moves potential heart attack patients from the ambulance to the ER to the cardiac cath lab in order to perform life saving treatments—in under 90 minutes. Because the faster we diagnose, intervene, and treat cardiac arrest, the more lives we save.

Fritz B. Burns Valley Cardiac Cath Lab
Where state-of-the-art saves lives.
Tightly integrated with our STEMI-certified ER, the Fritz B. Burns Valley Cardiac Cath Lab is one of the Valley’s most technologically advanced and best equipped. Here, cardiologist quickly diagnose and treat heart problems using advanced monitoring systems, designed to limit our patients’ exposure to radiation, and echocardiogram equipment. These systems are connected to our new digital Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) — allowing cardiologists to instantly access real-time views of patients’ hearts and arteries in astounding detail.

Put your heart in the hands of the Valley’s leading surgeons.
Valley Presbyterians Hospital brings a Center of Excellence for cardiothoracic surgery to the Valley. Inside our newly renovated operating room, our cardiothoracic surgical team performs the latest life-saving procedures using state-of-the art equipment — including high-resolution flat screen monitors that allows surgeons to see their work in unprecedented detail and visibility.

Comprised of the Valley’s leading surgeons, supported by an exceptional group of anesthesiologists and nurses, our surgical teams perform open-heart surgeries using traditional bypass, but also less invasive beating heart surgeries that allow the heart to continue functioning during the procedure thereby letting patients recover more quickly. Our surgeons are also introducing the Valley to advances in minimally invasive surgeries. Using leading-edge guidance systems and scopes, our teams are able to perform procedures using increasingly smaller incisions that also accelerate recovery. The surgeons performing these procedures remain deeply involved in their patients’ care — before, during, and after their surgeries.

Screening leads to early detection.
Valley Presbyterian Hospital’s full-service advanced cardiology department includes a host of screening services and technologies designed to promote early detection and intervention of heart disease and conditions. These include:

Electrocardiogram (EKG)
Technicians highly experienced in rhythm interpretation perform both out-patient and in-patient EKG procedures that provide non-invasive screening and diagnosis of coronary artery disease. We also perform a range of stress tests, including treadmill stress tests, as well as thallium and dobutamine stress echo tests performed in conjunction with our nuclear medicine department for patients unable to exercise on treadmills.

Pacemaker Clinic
For patients with pacemakers in place, we offer the services of our Pacemaker Clinic to test battery life and, when necessary, receive a replacement device. Patients are welcome to come into our clinic in person, or take advantage of our convenient call-in service that allows patients to check their pacemakers over the telephone.

Portable Echocardiogram
Highly trained technicians, including a registered stress diagnostic cardio sonographer, use mobile echocardiograms to capture ultrasound images at the patient's bedside. These images allow us to quickly, efficiently and non-invasively detect problems in the heart’s structure and functionality.


For more information about our cardiology services, please call 818.782.6600.