Physician Portal

Physician Portal


On August 28, 2014, to improve performance and user experience, Valley Presbyterian Hospital began using VMWare Horizon View software to provide physicians with remote access to their Clinical desktops. The software is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple/Mac, iOS (iPad or iPhone), and Android operating systems.

You will need to install the VMWare Horizon View software on your computer or mobile device to access the Clinical desktop.

If you have previously installed the software, please open the VMWare View software on your computer or mobile device, connect to and login with your VPH username and password.

If you previously automatically launched the VMWare View application by visiting this website, you will now need to launch the application from your computer. VMWare View icons can look like:

If you have not yet installed the VMWare Horizon View software, click on the link below to download the software for your computer. Even if you are using the older version of VMWare View software, you are welcome to download and install the latest version.

After you have downloaded and install the software, you must launch the software to login to the Physician Portal. The VMWare Horizon View icons can look like:

If you are experiencing problems with installing the VMWare Horizon View software or connecting to the Physician Portal using your previously installed software, please contact the Valley Presbyterian Hospital HelpDesk at 818-902-3924.

If you would like to download the View Horizon App for an Apple iOS device (iPad or iPhone), please visit the Apple App Store from your device.
If you have already installed the View Horizon App and have previously connected to the Physician Portal, and receive an error message stating that the "Desktop could not be found", you will need to clear your cache of recent connections. Please follow this guide to resolve the issue.

If you would like to download the View Horizon App for an Android device, please visit the Google Play Store from your device.

Access to the Physician Portal is only available for Physicians with privileges at Valley Presbyterian Hospital. For questions regarding privileges, please contact the Medical Staff Office at 818-902-3957.